My name is Lisa Konkol and I’m an author and illustrator from Wisconsin.  When I’m not working as a technical writer, I’m creating picture books. Picture books combine my love of children, storytelling, art, and writing. It’s the perfect challenge to develop an engaging story-line, find the perfect words, and create illustrations with unique perspectives and colors. My paintings have been in galleries and I was designated a Master Artist by the American Juried Art Salon. I enjoy experimenting with different styles and mediums, but especially like combining traditional methods with digital tools. My degree is in business with an emphasis in English. I’ve also studied art through the College of DuPage, MATC, Marks and Splashes, SVS Learn, as well as SCBWI conferences and workshops. I’ve been a technical writer for over twenty-five years and am currently working at TDS.

Please feel free to send me any questions though the Contact page. Thank you for visiting my site!