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I hope you’re enjoying the fall weather.  A new baby is joining our family this week and in anticipation, I’ve created a picture book just for her. The book celebrates her birth and how much we love her. I made illustrations of baby-to-be’s parents,  dog, nursery, and lots of familiar places. It’s a keepsake for the baby to have, which mom and dad can read to her in the coming years. There isn’t a more wonderful miracle than a baby!

An added benefit for me is that it’s great practice putting together a book from start to finish, and it makes the wait for the baby go by quickly.  To actually make the book, I uploaded my illustrations and text to Shutterfly and printed it off. The quality is good and the price was reasonable.

However this time, I anticipated the baby would be born in the fall, but the baby-to-be is two weeks overdue. Yesterday it snowed in Wisconsin, so I might have to add some minor additions….like snowflakes and winter coats to my illustrations!  I’ve included a few of the the fall illustrations below, so  you can see what I mean. Maybe next time, I’ll only use “indoor” scenes.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving and many blessings.


2 thoughts on “Creating a Baby Book

  1. I love this book and the idea! I’m in need of a baby book for a special family member and might give your method a try. Beautiful illustrations, Lisa, and a wonderfully personal gift!

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