Music Store Memories

When I was growing up, my father owned a small music shop in downtown Madison, Wisconsin. As a ten year old, I’d work there every Saturday, stamping music, answering phone calls, and keeping busy.  On the second floor of his store was a paneled wall and a giant paper map of the United States.  He would place red stick pins into the cities where he had received sheet music orders. It was a way to watch his business grow and learn about the people who had ordered music from him. He was ahead of his time with his interest in market analysis. I would often stare at the map and think of the people in the faraway places.

A few years ago, I created this website.  Only instead of having a large map, I can go to my dashboard and view the location of my visitors.  I only know about their general location, but find it fascinating to know that someone from Germany, New York, Michigan, and Virginia visited. (I think the one from Virginia is my uncle.)  It makes me happy to see that people are looking at my illustrations. Do they like what they see? Do they love picture books as much as I do?  So whoever you are , “welcome” and “hi” from Wisconsin. Feel free to send me a note and let me know where you’re visiting from. The world is becoming a smaller place.

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