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Congratulations to The Crayon Project!  The Crayon Project shipped their 1000th care package of multicultural art supplies this week to children and organizations around the world!  I’m so excited about the Crayon Project, because it combines my love of children, helping others, and art.  

The Crayon Project is a non-profit organization started by Beth Ann and Kevin Bligh to ensure that students have the necessary art supplies to best represent themselves.  Their mission is as follows:

“The Crayon Project’s mission is to reinforce that hatred is not inherited; it is something that is learned. It’s time that we as a society reinforce with children that it doesn’t matter what skin color you are; you are a human being and worthy of respect and dignity.”

There is more information on The Crayon Project’s website about donating or receiving packages.

If you haven’t tried crayons in awhile, it’s fun to try them again after all of these years. They are a wonderful tool for figuring out compositions, as well as preliminary drawings. Plus, they bring back memories of being a young artist. They’re a quick art medium and allow for some wonderful textures to be created. I found using three layers for blending is the perfect number, otherwise the surface starts to become oversaturated and waxy.

Below is a preliminary sketch that I drew about fifteen years ago, but I think it’s time to get out my crayons again. If you enjoyed drawing or coloring as a young child, you might want to also share that love of art with others, and consider donating.

Enjoy coloring again, and thank you to the Crayon Project for their important work! 

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