Who’s Behind the Mask


My new picture book Who's Behind the Mask? is now available. It was designed to help children (ages baby - 6) accept face masks and shields. Children are learning how to process and understand facial expressions and emotions, during a time when everyone is wearing a mask. Now the faces of their loved ones, teachers, friends, and local grocery clerks are all covered. It can be scary and confusing.

Who’s Behind the Mask? aims to help calm some of those fears. Each page shows an example of someone in a mask. Children can turn the page to see a friendly smile hiding underneath the mask. Even the doggie is wearing one!

Who's Behind the Mask? is available through Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Click on the image above to access the book on Amazon or click below for Barnes and Noble. I appreciate your support. If you have a special need for a fundraiser, school, or hospital (or would like an autographed copy), please contact me directly. Thanks!